Module 3 – Appreciative Inquiry and Teams Working with Change 

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach ... based on strengths rather than weaknesses, on a vision of what is possible rather than an analysis of what is not. --David Cooperrider

Welcome to Module 3! Now that you have the basics of Appreciative Inquiry and conversations under your belt you are ready to successfully engage with teams in change. Focussed case studies, real world applications and sample processes will help you design interventions that engage (rather than alienate) people in change.

Using Appreciative Inquiry enables us to motivate and maximise creativity and commitment in planning.


- Types of Team Members
- 4D Cycle
1. Where are you?
2. Team Approach
3. Own 4D Cycle
- Rationale for Teams
- Features of Empowered Teams
- Characteristics of Empowered Teams
- Using Appreciative Inquiry for Team Development Teams
- Breast Screening Clinic Case Study
- HR Strategy Group Case Study
- Self Managing Teams Case Study
- Using Appreciative Inquiry for Team Business Planning
- Capability Development: Occupation Groups
- Interventions in Teams: Team Leadership and Development
4. Team Profile
5. Team Features
6. Team Phrases
7. High Point: Story
- Handling Difficult People
- Games People Play
Useful Resources
- 360deg Feedback
- Team Member Summary by Belbin
- Bushe Article Summary
- Self Managing Work Teams: Stages
- Ask Liz
8. Recent Performance Review
- Bibliography

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